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Congratulations in order for Immersive Arts Blooloop Innovation Award Powered by SmartMatter AI


Miami FL, January 15, 2024 - SmartMatter AI, a leading provider of AI-driven engagement solutions, extends its heartfelt congratulations to Immersive Arts, an Orlando-based firm, for their prestigious win in the "Guest Journey" category at the 2023 Blooloop Innovation Awards.


Immersive Arts, a valued partner in the attractions, hospitality, and cultural markets, specializes in providing project management, strategic planning, and cutting-edge products to operators of various leisure and entertainment properties. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them recognition on a global stage.


The award-winning innovation, VUIX AI, is a suite of groundbreaking technology products powered by SmartMatter’s AI Assistant technology.  VUIX AI revolutionizes the guest experience by automating daily operational conversations and engaging visitors through a multilingual digital avatar. With VUIX AI's turn-key interactive kiosks and adaptable display devices, guests can effortlessly interact with the system, asking questions via speech or text message, and receiving real-time responses from a live avatar on the screen. This interactive and informative experience is available in over 20 languages making it an inclusive guest experience.


Operators can harness the power of VUIX AI to seamlessly integrate informational, wayfinding, point-of-sale, reservation, and management systems. This technology empowers both guests and employees to access pertinent information, related media content, and sales portals, enhancing overall guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


David Defelici, CEO of SmartMatter AI, expressed his admiration for Immersive Arts and their groundbreaking VUIX AI product, stating, "Immersive Arts is a valued partner in the attractions, hospitality, and cultural sectors. Their innovative VUIX AI product, powered by SmartMatter AI Assistant technology, exemplifies their commitment to elevating guest experiences and operational efficiency. Congratulations on their well-deserved Blooloop Innovation Award in the Guest Journey category."


Immersive Arts' success at the Blooloop Innovation Awards is a testament to their dedication to enhancing the guest journey and redefining industry standards. SmartMatter AI looks forward to continued collaboration with Immersive Arts, delivering next-gen products and guest experiences to a diverse range of operators and audiences.


For more information on the Blooloop Innovation Award:



For media inquiries and further information about Immersive Arts and VUIX AI, please contact:


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