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AV Cabling driving you crazy? Meet CableEZ, your simple solution!

New AV Manufacturer introduces stress-reducing product for classrooms, boardrooms, and more.

Grand Rapids, MI June 7, 2023 – Introducing CableEZ, a new AV manufacturer

solution provider, whose goal is to tame those messy AV/IT cables. CableEZ is a captive cable mount system that eliminates cable frustrations in classrooms, boardrooms, meeting, and huddle spaces by providing a clean, secure, dependable, and trouble-free connection point for end users.

“CableEZ is a simple invention that will transform classrooms and conference rooms. Let’s face it, AV cables can be messy, and they often become damaged when left to end users to troubleshoot. This challenge led to the design and development of a captive cable device that can virtually eliminate the possibility of cable theft, disconnection, and damage. Consider the consequences when room technology systems don’t work correctly, users are left to fend for themselves leading to lost meeting/teaching time, damaged cables, or disconnected equipment. That frustration led my business partner Jeff and I, to invent CableEZ. Our patent pending product is an innovative solution to tame those cables,” says Jeremy Meyer, Co-Owner of CableEZ.

“It’s really simple. The user simply unwinds the cable and uses it. The beauty is that most users instinctively wind it back up when done! It provides a dramatically cleaner cabling environment by providing an integrated storage place for the cable. It has no visible connection points that protrude out and can get damaged. It’s also cable type agnostic, any type of cable can be used with the device from HDMI, USB, data, even microphone cables. CableEZ is available in single and two gang versions. The cover plate is available in either black or white, and custom projects upon request,” says Jeff VandeHoef, Co-Owner for CableEZ.

CableEZ is in-stock and shipping now. You can see it in action during InfoComm in the SAVY booth #2473. For more information, please visit their website at

About CableEZ

AV Cables have met their match! Whether you’ve got HDMI, USB, data, or microphone cables…messy and tangled cables become a thing of the past with CableEZ. This innovative solution was created to provide a clean, secure, and trouble-free connection point for classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces and just about anywhere else users need to interface with cabling. Cut your cable frustrations with CableEZ, a captive cable mount system that allows users a stress-free connection point. No more lost or damaged cables, calls to IT, wasted meeting time, equipment tampering, network passwords, or app downloads.


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