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Marketing as a Service (MaaS) Methodologies, y mucho mas!

Our industry has heard of AVaaS, SaaS, and many more “as a Service” terms. I’m here to throw my hat into the ring for another term. Let me introduce MaaS, or Marketing as A Service. I’m going to coin it “mas”. In Spanish, “mas” means more, and that’s exactly what I do for my BAM clients. MaaS! I started BAM Marketing and PR a year ago today with the goal of helping the pro AV industry with their marketing efforts. I’ve learned so much this past year. I want to share a few of the MaaS methodologies I swear by:

1. One size does not fit all Initially when I first started BAM, many of my clients were just in need of some extra marketing bandwidth. I believe my timing was serendipitous as the pandemic took its toll on many marketing departments. They soon found a need of hiring someone to help write an occasional blog, case study or press release. And while some clients still only need help occasionally, the majority need a more comprehensive program. Cookie cutter plans do not work for marketing. What works for one client does not work for all, so its really about a tailored approach.

2. Planning and organizing are a priority

I have always been someone who keeps a planner, and multiple to-do-lists. I think this is another reason why I’m MaaS – I plan, organize, and prioritize well. I despise the feeling of forgetting something or even worse, dropping the ball! I take a few minutes each morning to review dates and project deadlines, and I list the top 5-7 things I need to accomplish that day. I am also a furious note taker, and a bit old school. However, I have found something that helps me keep my notes organized and files them away. I’m a huge fan of Rocketbooks and have a few I use. I recommend them and have even given them as gifts.

3. Undivided attention and communication

Communication is key in every type of relationship, whether it be your marriage, your health care providers, or your clients and colleagues. It’s a pillar of success, and I feel my clients deserve my undivided attention. I have a weekly touch base with each of them to tee up future projects and campaigns. Some weeks we need an hour, and others we only need a few minutes. Regardless, I block time for them, and use that time to proactively work on their projects.

4. Tap into your Network

I think another MaaS methodology is tapping into my network. That is multi-faceted and could be introductions to key contacts or connecting people. I love nothing more to make an introduction, so please feel free to ask. I’m always happy to do it, and especially love when my client’s partner together as well. This industry is small, but I believe there’s more power in the pack.

5. A passion for all things Tech

I’ve always thought that my position is part digital marketing, a dash of creativity, and a heaping spoonful of technical acumen. This combination creates the perfect blend of results-driven marketing for my clients. I’ve been told that it’s great working with me because I get “it”, and can talk the talk in terms of the tech. That’s a huge MaaS bonus for my clients.

6. BAM believes in you, and your brand

One huge benefit of starting BAM! Marketing & PR Agency is the ability to pick and choose the companies I want to represent. I work with brands that I can stand behind and to me that’s monumental. Getting to do what I love, making an impact, and work with amazing AV companies and people – well that’s the cherry on top.

7. We’re a Team

I had a client recently say to me, “I do not consider you a business partner. But rather much more of a team-mate.” And that statement could not be truer. The MaaS methodology here is that I never say, “you guys should do ____”, it’s always, “I think ‘we’ should try ___” because “we’re” a team working together to enhance and build brand recognition and awareness.

I want to thank my clients for a wonderful first year. Happy anniversary to BAM and cheers to MaaS y mucho mas of BAM Marketing & PR!

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