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Introducing Device Support Bridges for Easy Installation and Versatile Mounting Options

Effortless Installation and Versatile Ceiling Mounting with new DSB Series

Chicago, IL – January 24, 2024 Quam Nichols, a manufacturer of quality

commercial loudspeakers, announced a new product series aimed at eliminating sagging ceiling tiles. Quam’s new DSB Series or Device Support Bridges are universal mounting devices. These load-bearing* bridges eliminate tile sag caused by the weight of the installation on a suspended tile ceiling, and offer the ability to mount strobes, indicator lights, cameras, Wi-Fi routers, and smoke detectors onto the tile grid.


“One of our main objectives at Quam is to make installation easy for our system integration partners. Our new DSB Series markedly reduces installation time and eliminates the need for stocking different mounting devices to match various project configurations. The DSB Series incorporates single-gang and 4 square mounting configurations and can be used with an adjacent ceiling tile with a single (DSB1), or double (DSB2 and DSB3) integrated T-bar offsets. It’s well-suited for classrooms, offices, and hospital environments.” says Randy Moore, President of Quam Nichols.

Features include:

·  DSB is made of rust-resistant metal and comes with a white powder coat finish.

·  Load bearing* device designed to eliminate ceiling tile sag.

·  Will accommodate most ceiling installed devices.

·  Designed to significantly reduce installation time.

The DSB Series is in-stock and shipping now. For more information, please visit the Quam website product pages:

*See spec sheet for load requirements.

About Quam

Your go-to commercial loudspeaker company. Educated customers know that if you want quality loudspeakers, you go to a loudspeaker company, not a computer company. That’s why we’re on so many short lists industry-wide: because we make commercial loudspeakers right. More importantly, we make them right for your particular job. No gimmicks. No BS. We’re all about making simple, reliable, readily available loudspeakers that make your life easier and your clients happier. That is why those who know better, know Quam.


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