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Inspirational Museum Interactives

Modern day museums have started adopting different ways to attract and inspire their patrons. People visit museums for different reasons. Some people find museums relaxing while others find them a world filled with wonder and mystery.

Regardless of age, the technology is open to everyone. Whether patrons are looking to be informed, amused, entertained, or inspired, museums can use technology to cater to all types of people. There are many ways museum patrons can engage with content to find inspiration.


Many visitors, especially Gen Zs, are more geared toward attending events that are more interactive and engaging. These events may include Pop-Ups or traveling exhibits where some displays include digital art or signage featuring colorful and interactive displays that participants can connect with during the event.

Think of the recent Van Gogh traveling exhibit. This spectacular deployment immerses patrons with stunning audio and visuals to pull people into Van Gogh’s greatest masterpieces. This wildly popular exhibit utilizes beautifully projected digital art to inspire future generations. This is a much different experience than going to see paintings hung in a gallery- in this case the venue’s walls, ceiling, and floors now come alive to bring Van Gogh’s works to life.

Having a robust CMS for a traveling exhibit allows for shows to be pre scheduled and automated. Cnario handles these types of events exceptionally well because it knows no bounds and can work with any content resolution.

Exhibits & Interactives

Storytelling through exhibits or exhibitions is one of the most compelling ways to enable the sharing and transferring of knowledge. Make your exhibits come alive for your visitors with touchscreen panels, video wall storytelling, cameras, and other interactive elements to create an environment that quickly engages and fully immerses your visitors in dynamic relevant content. For young museum goers, playful interactives add fun to the experience, while for adult patrons that are looking for more information, interactives can be a source of enrichment.

The YCD Cnario suite helps keep patrons engaged with content that can be experienced though displays or though augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) canvases. AR/MR interactions can allow visitors to explore exhibits in a deeper way and many through devices we already use daily such mobile devices. Some museums allow for individual interpretation of exhibits via their devices, thus, allowing them to dig deeper into those that most interested them. This can be done through guided tours, QR codes, and app-based approaches.

For museums, this type of engagement can assist in increasing memberships. Having dynamic and fresh content keeps patrons coming back because they can have a new experience each time.

Immersive Experiences

One of the most versatile ways of inspiring visitors in a museum is by creating a themed experience. Some of the common environments are educational exhibits for children where they can engage and use display technology to learn while having fun.

Transporting patrons using immersive environments with visuals, lighting, and audio can be truly awe inspiring and create a sense of place. The National World War II Museum in New Orleans is a terrific example of storytelling through multimedia exhibits. Visitors are taken inside the story of “the war that changed the world” to connect in a very profound way with artifacts and instances of oral histories.

As museums grow and adapt with technology, designing immersive experiences becomes endless and effective. You can control and guide the experience with our content management to enable unforgettable memories for your visitors. The networkability of our platform allows unlimited scalability from single displays to multiple video walls, and all navigated from a single easy to use management console.

Show Control Technology and Navigation

With our Cnario show control and content management platform, we can tailor your content, automate your exhibit start up and shut down schedule, and update your content on the fly to keep it fresh for returning patrons and when VIP donors arrive. Cnario gives you the control to choose where and when your content is broadcast, even if it means different content plays in multiple locations at the same time. Want to trigger an event to happen? Cnario can help with sensors and beacons as well to allow triggered events to occur when prompted.

Aside from show control, displays offer visitors’ assistance with orientation, guidance, information, and wayfinding while in your facility. These are made possible by:

  • Digital welcome screens

  • Wayfinding signages for easier museum navigation

  • Displays for information pertaining to exhibits and other activities.

  • Generative Donor Walls

Whether your experience is meant to educate, entertain, escape, or is purely aesthetic, we’ll collaborate with you to keep your patrons inspired, and coming back for more.


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