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Got Content? Marketing Concepts for When You are Out of Ideas

As I’ve said before, when it comes to marketing your business, a content strategy should always be in place. But what happens when you run out of ideas? It can be challenging to know what type of content to produce, and what can make the perfect statement.

There are many creative ways that you can market your brand. At times, it can be challenging to create good marketing content especially when you are running out ideas!

So, if you are running out of ideas – let me show you some creative ways to market your brand.

Produce Videos

Social media these days is one of the best channels to promote and let your brand be seen. Videos are versatile and produce the highest engagement from audiences by far!

You can create long or short videos that can be tutorials or ways to inform your audience about your product and generate more interest.

Another video concept is case study overviews. If you can get a camera crew to record your installation progress, or the final beauty shots, these make great videos.

These days reels from Instagram and TikTok videos are getting a lot of engagement from audiences. They are short, fun, informative, and highly entertaining. Not many AV companies are on TikTok, so this is still a somewhat untapped market to consider.

Publish Blogs

Blogs are one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. They also provide the best information about your brand and attract audiences who are looking for answers to solve their issues or concerns.

They are a low-cost way to boost traffic especially if they are optimized well and the content is relative. Keep these 5 things in mind when publishing your blog:

  1. Be sure that it has value for your target audience.

  2. Be sure that it’s optimized well.

  3. Be sure it aligns with your brands goals.

  4. Be sure it establishes your brand as a thought leader or subject-matter-expert (SME).

  5. Be sure to always stay consistent.

Use Infographics

Infographics are great because they can energize a marketing campaign with attention-grabbing content. They are vibrant, and aesthetically appealing methods of explaining statistics or procedures without making your audience bored.

Infographics appeal to marketers because they are quick and affordable. This means the data can be recognized easier allowing the audiences to better understand the information.

Utilize trending topics

We all know that social media lives on trending topics. For example, using memes that express a funny way to give an opinion or culturally relevant text.

You can also use viral songs or do viral dances created by various influencers or celebrities. TikTok has set this trend and since then many people are using it to either make themselves known or just join the trend.

Post testimonials and customer reviews

Collecting and posting customer reviews and testimonials are also an easy way to market your brand. Remember that your raving fans tend to be your current clients. They are the customers who have seen your current digital marketing approach and made purchases as because of it. They are also the ones who have used your product and are happy with it.

When creating fresh marketing concepts, use them as your beginning point. Utilize this data to add client testimonials to your social network profiles, landing pages, product descriptions, and other creative ways.

Case Studies

Another great marketing idea to use is case studies. They are by far, one of the best ways to showcase the amazing projects you’ve completed. They are useful for leads who want to hear directly from customers about your company, just like testimonials or reviews.

Case studies help buyers examine a customer's journey from beginning to end and see similar use cases in action. It provides an in-depth look at how your product can benefit them, which eventually may lead to more prospective clients checking out your brand.

Share user-generated content

User-generated content or UGC is also used these days. According to statistics, 79% of consumers significantly make their shopping decisions with UGC. This is because it tends to be less biased than branded content. Consumers get a chance to witness someone who is in the same position as them enjoying the product genuinely.

Encourage current customers to provide images, videos, and endorsements of their use of your products. Check your brand's name or hashtag frequently to keep an eye on posts that people have randomly shared on social media.

Need help?

If you are running out of marketing ideas for your brand, BAM Marketing is here to help you. We believe that with great marketing comes great success!

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