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Connecting the Dots: Crafting a Memorable Contact Us Page for Your AV Business – A Guide to Positive User Experiences (UX)

How frustrating is it to visit a website and not be able to find out how to contact

them? It’s happened to a great many of us. I recently came across an AV manufacturer with this problem. Website design must strategize to create a unique and memorable user-experience. If customers visit your site and can’t connect with you, you’ve lost a potential client.

When you think about websites, you typically think about product pages, the home page, blogs, animated effects on different images, and other internal landing pages. But what about the other elements of a web site? One of the most important and most visited places on your website is the Contact us page. Creating a best-in-class user-experience on your website must include careful attention to this crucial page. Think of it as your business card, or storefront.

So, how do you create a compelling Contact Us page? Let BAM! Marketing help you connect the dots, and create a positive UX.

Include all relevant information

As an AV company, your Contact Us page must have all the important information about your company and how they can reach you.

Most customers want to find out how they can easily get in touch with you especially if they want help or have any questions. A good Contact Us page should have all “clickable” links with different ways to contact you as well as CTA’s (call’s to action).

Adding an FAQ section

If you find that many customers typically ask the same questions, I’d suggest creating a FAQ section on your Contact Us page. For example, customers may want to know how to what territories your salespeople cover, or how long shipping times run, or what modes of payment can be used. Adding an FAQ section will make it easier to answer these questions and concerns. And instead of calling, emailing, or leaving a “direct message”, customers can easily find the answer and don’t have to wait for your response.

Don’t forget the CTA button

As mentioned prior, a CTA or Call to Action button is an important aspect of your Contact Us page. Some visitors may land on your page but choose not to fill out this form. This is a great conversion area and an opportunity to ask them to do something else such as follow your social media, check out your other products or services, or sign up for your newsletter. Redirect them to a thank you page that explains when and how you'll be contacting the visitor. Some of the most CTA’s are Sign Up, Subscribe, Get a Demo, Learn More, Join Us, and Download. Hubspot offers these great CTA examples here.

Include links to helpful resources and useful manuals

If the FAQ isn't sufficient, customers may try searching through guides to get the answers they need. Provide a link to your support page or help center, or point them to certain blog entries that address their inquiries.

Add client testimonials

I’ve found that customers who come to your Contact Us page are either halfway through the sales cycle and need some clarification, or they are looking to remedy an issue. Including positive client testimonials on your Contact Us page can give your business some social proof and comfort potential customers that they are making the proper choice in choosing to buy from you.

Consider User Experience(UX)

As I mentioned earlier creating a unique and memorable user-experience is key to retaining customers. Create buyer personas with your marketing and sales team to tackle how that user experience should look and feel. Take into account that website visitors are there for a reason, and want to quickly find a solution. Pay careful attention to how many clicks they must make to get to their solution. If they have to click to many times, you’ve lost them. A good Contact Us page should be easily accessible from your home page and a place where users can easily click on it.

Brand’s Identity

Your Contact Us page should also be clean and MUST reflect your brand’s visual identity so that visitors can easily relate and identify with your product or service. This is an area where you can really showcase your brand, and express gratitude for their visit. Make their experience memorable by being unique and positive. Demonstrate the capabilities of your brand, allowing visitors and prospective customers to grasp the essence of your work even before reaching out.

Giving Your Customers a Positive Experience

Your customers must always be top of mind when designing your website. In the audio-visual world, we often talk about “the experience”, and this also applies to your website. Pay close attention to your Contact Us page as it’s essential to ensure that your customers or visitors come back for more.


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