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What I Did Differently in 2021: Tech Marketer Speaks

This technology marketer talks about what she did differently in 2021 to reach her audience and make brand connections.

I think we’ve all said this over the last two years, but 2021 has been a very different year. As technology marketers, we have an arsenal of tools and tips for our clients. But what works well for one, does not work for another.

For me, the key has been really drilling down to targeted buyer personas. My clients have come to anticipate a ton of questions to uncover who their customers are, where they are located, where they shop, and much more.

We need to get very specific and detailed information on them to truly target and message them properly. Tailoring your content to keep your buyer persona top of mind gives them ultimate buy-in when selecting your products or services.

Initially we take a deep dive into their databases, which can be rich with detailed info, or sometimes not (but that’s another conversation on CRM management).

What we’re looking for are interests, spending patterns, sales funnel stages and challenges to create those buyers’ profiles. There are usually several personas depending on my clients’ products/services and who typically buys there wares.

Next, we identify the pain points and goals these buyers have expressed. This is where your sales team comes in handy. Their information is invaluable in this segment, and I like to involve them at this stage.

We want to understand what their barriers are, what things they like/need in a product, and have discussions to that effect. Collaborative discussions like this are key to learning what works and what doesn’t, so that you can creatively express ways you can help.

I’d encourage you to give your buyer personas names. Breath life into them. They are living, breathing people, not just a number. By giving them details we get to know them on a higher level and can develop more concise brand messaging surrounding them.

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