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6 Tips for Composing Catchy Press Releases

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I just started my marketing business and wanted to launch it with a splashy press release. It started me thinking about the best way to write a press release and the components of a good PR. Here’s a few tips I’ve learned along the way about composing a catchy press release.

1. Keep it simple and straightforward

I’ve been informed by Press contacts that when they get an overly wordy Press Release that can get overlooked. Editors do not want to spend an overwhelming amount of time editing your release. So keep it simple silly!

2. Use a Press Release Template

I’ve got a template I typically use, and it goes a little like this:

o Catchy Title

o Subheading

o Release date, City, State – Intro Paragraph explaining the who, what, when, why & how… SIMPLY! Needs to hook the reader.

o Quote from Stakeholder with significant “buy-in” info

o Additional info relative to release

o Quote #2 (optional)

o Final closing paragraph with closer, stats, info on where to buy, etc.

o Company Boiler Plate – contact info and short company bio.

3. Keep a Word Count in focus while writing.

Typically you want to aim for somewhere around 300-500 words max. You want a release that is short and concise for readers to get the gist, and then as specified below, contact info so that they can learn more or buy.

4. Offer Key Points and a “Hook”

If you’re writing a release about a new product launch for instance, be sure to include key features and benefits. Think of the targeted reader and then craft key points surrounding what the product solves for them. If it’s a release about a new staff member, same applies, just tailor it around the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and offer keep points with that in mind.

5. Give your press contacts Images to Use

Pictures and imagery are especially useful to help paint a picture of what your press release is about. Be sure to include supply your press contacts high-resolution images, logos, and any links for their use. 6. Include Your Contact Information Be sure to include a bit about your company at the end of the press release, along with some contact details and a note explaining that you're available for interviews or to answer more questions.

Best of luck! Break a pencil 😊

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