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InfoComm 21 … that’s a wrap!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In a year that resembled part dumpster fire and part rainbow, InfoComm went off with all its usual glory, but with a slightly smaller audience and exhibitor presence. That did not stop manufacturers and attendees from enjoying their first in-person event since the inception of COVID-19. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my fellow #AVTweeps at the OCCC networking and checking out the technology.

For me personally, this year was unlike any InfoComm I’ve ever attended, because this year I came representing my clients as the owner of BAM Marketing and PR. I was excited to see my clients exhibiting and getting the opportunity to share their amazing product portfolios with attendees. I must say, I prefer this much more than working a booth as I have in the past.

Working with the NanoLumens team is easy because their products and company culture are incredible. They truly embody their tagline “We are LED™”. During InfoComm, NanoLumens highlighted their newest product launch, the Captivate all-in-one dvLED display. Unlike many bundled products, Captivate is a complete solution that eliminates the need for additional components and eases the design and installation costs typically associated with dvLED displays. Additionally, they had a multi-pixel pitch display on hand to show the visual differences in various Nixel™ pixels pitches. For anyone looking for a creative dvLED solution, you should check out NanoLumens.

Hall Technologies has been having a banner year with a major rebranding, product launches, and the assembly of a stellar team. They demonstrated their driverless control system, HIVE Control and EMCEE200 for the masses to see what the future of AV control means. Hall’s team has been working on HIVE and have created an ecosystem of products that support the Higher Education, Corporate, Hospitality, House of Worship, as well as other markets. For me, it’s like seeing your child being up on stage singing for the first time. As Hall’s proud mama, I loved seeing the spark of interest and delight among potential HIVE customers and press as they showcased these innovations to the marketplace.

I also represent INFiLED, a relatively new North American dvLED manufacturer. They had an incredible presence at the show with a large booth full of displays. I’ve been working with INFiLED for a short time and can really see their potential on the Rental Staging, XR, and Fixed Installation markets. I was thrilled to see my sales team inundated with InfoComm attendees every time I stopped by their both. Not a bad problem to have at all! I look forward to their next stop at the LDI Show in Vegas starting November 19th. Look for great things to come from this LED Manufacturer.

Alas, I was not only there for my clients, but I was also there representing my personal brand that stands for the women in AV. As the Chair for the AVIXA Women’s Council, our annual breakfast has become quite a must-attend event. This event takes a full year to plan with sponsors, swag, and speakers that guarantee to inspire and uplift. This year I was honored to introduce our keynote, Sara Potecha, who was one of the first women cadets to graduate West Point. In her book, West Point Woman, she describes the challenges and gains in an inspirational book. I was privileged to pen the foreword in a special edition of her book. As my last year as Chair for the Council, I was treated to a standing ovation and a lot of love from my Council community. I could not be more humbled and honored to serve as your Chair over the last 3 years and look forward to continuing as a leader for the LA/OC Council group.

If all that wasn’t enough… later that day I was awarded the 2021 Woman in AV award. I have fought hard during my career in AV to elevate the voices of women in our industry and will continue to fight for an equal seat at the table and for more diversity. This award is also meaningful because I got to take the stage with 6 incredible women. I think this is the most women I’ve seen awarded at any time in our industry, and I couldn’t be prouder to be among them. Congratulations to Jennifer Goodyer, Kelly Perkins, Kristi Ross-Clausen, Chrissy Sara, Melissa Baglio, Matt Wellin, Juan Jose Vila, and the late Fred Bargetzi. And most especially my mentor, the Adele de Berri award winner, Cory Schaeffer. I wouldn’t be in this industry and in this position if it wasn’t for her. Cory, I owe you a lifetime of gratitude. Words and flowers couldn’t possibly convey how much I adore you!

I was also very lucky to have my beloved hubby, Albert, by my side throughout the entire show. From the moment we met, he’s been my rock and so supportive of all my career endeavors. I’ll share that he was quite nervous to meet everyone. But that nervousness soon faded as many people made a point to stop and extend a hand or wrap him a big bear hug during the show. I was thrilled that he felt so included and that’s just another reason why I love this industry so much… inclusion. Not just for my hubby, but for ALL. I saw it with Albert, and I saw it among colleagues. Our come-as-you-are attitude is refreshing for those entering our industry.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in Las Vegas in June of 2022! Until then, press on, be kind to each other, and lead with character.

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