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Brandy Alvarado Launches BAM! Marketing & PR Agency

January 21, 2021 Anaheim, CA –Noted pro AV marketer, Brandy Alvarado, has launched a marketing agency—BAM! Marketing & PR Agency—geared towards the AV and tech industry.

BAM! was created to serve as a trusted partner for pro AV companies looking to develop and execute unique marketing strategies. The newly created agency will offer content creation, copy writing, website management, social media management, press relations, branding, and more for the audiovisual community.

“I’ve never been one to be idle. It’s not in my nature. So, when the market shifted and I lost my job due to COVID, I started freelancing for industry colleagues,” said Alvarado. “In doing so, I realized how much I enjoyed helping people enhance their brands and tell their stories through digital marketing. What began as a temporary gig evolved into creating and running my own agency.”

“Many companies struggle with having enough marketing bandwidth to tackle it all—that’s why BAM! exists,” she added. “With expertise in everything from social media content creation to website management to sales pipelines, BAM! is there to develop and execute winning strategies. We are capable of running it all, or simply assisting in the process—our team is here for all types of marketing and PR projects.”

“Why BAM? Well it’s really a few things – BAM will be my initials when I get married later this year (Brandy Alvarado-Miranda), and that’s the main reason. Also because I’m a fan of superheroes and old comic books with those strong callouts like “BAM” and “POW”. And lastly, as my mentor says BAM stands for “Bad A$# Marketer!” too,” says Brandy.

Along with standard marketing and public relations services, BAM! will also offer sales pipeline management, lead generation, CRM development/management, and more. Click the Contact Us page to get in touch!

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