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We love technology and our super power is digital marketing for the pro AV community.

Brandy Alvarado-Miranda   CEO

Our Services!

BAM Marketing & PR offers: 

o   Product Marketing

o   Social Media Marketing

o   Presentation & Webinar Creation

o   Website Management

o   Brand Recognition & Management

o   Content Creation  for Blogs, Case Studies,  & Press

o   Trade Show Marketing

o   Email Marketing

o   Sales Tools / Collateral

Powerful Marketing!

We create digital marketing, branding, and communications for pro AV companies.  

At BAM! Marketing & PR we don our capes to harness our creativity to allow your brand to soar above the competition with a fusion of imagination, science, and technology. BAM! is a leading force in crafting strategic marketing approaches that empower ProAV businesses to transcend industry norms. With a creative edge that knows no bounds, BAM! has established itself as a catalyst for brand evolution. Behold, BAM! Marketing & PR, your trusted ally in the realm of content creation, copywriting, website mastery, social media interactions, press relations, and the art of branding, all tailored for the technology titans of our age. With great marketing comes great success! 

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Anaheim, CA

(714) 655-7225

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