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Hall Research Is Now Hall Technologies

January 25, 2021 --- As part of its commitment to providing "state-of-the-art solutions for the most demanding needs," Hall Research is rebranding, becoming Hall Technologies. Hall said it is expanding its legacy and elevating into new innovations to solidify its stance, offering, and direction in the industry.

“Hall Technologies is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will change the way people learn, work, and live their daily lives,” said Jason Schwartz, chief executive officer of Hall Technologies. “This new brand and evolving positioning perfectly illustrates the next generation of AV.”

Hall Technologies said its customers and partners have been an essential part of the process as the rebranding is rooted in the company’s commitment to creating holistic solutions that meet evolving needs.

The rebrand includes a new website for Hall Technologies. Visit for more information.

A new ecosystem of products, featuring end-to-end solutions for the corporate, healthcare, and education markets is expected to be announced by Hall Technologies later this year.

Source: AV Network

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